Rose Hawkins Explains that What She Wants Is Just There

In this recording from a Leslie Flint session, a woman named Rose Hawkins describes the fact that what she wants is simply available to her. She loves tea, so she doesn’t have to get tea grown in the Earth realm. She just desires tea and it’s available to her. If she loses her taste for tea, it will no longer be available.

A transcript follows the audio controls.

Transcript of Rose Hawkins Speaking

Of course, I don’t feel the urge to eat. I did when I first came here, but it was mostly fruit and that sort of thing that one had. But, um, I suppose it is that as you lose the desire for something, you realize it ain’t so important, then it ceases to exist for you. But, um, I was a one for my cup of tea, and I still like it and have it.

Now, I suppose, people will say where do you get your tea from? Do you get it from… from some place on your side? Well, of course, it must come from some place on this side, so it must be grown and it must be, sort of, made, mustn’t it?

How do you, uh… do you sort of think you want a cup of tea, and you get it, if you want it?

Well, it’s a funny thing though. You know, I’m not conscious – for instance, I don’t go into a kitchen and put a kettle on and make myself a cup of tea, in that sense. But if I feel the need for a cup of tea… well, all I can say is, that it’s there.

It’s there for you?


Well, that’s very nice.

Of course, some people say, and even people over here, have said that it’s, uh… not a reality. It’s only because I think it’s necessary I have it, and it’s made possible. But when I lose the desire for a cup of tea, which, um, I’ve been used to having all my life, uh, when I lose the desire for it, it will no longer exist for me. Because that’s a – and I’ll tell you the honest truth – that’s one of the reasons why I’m afraid of going too far.

Rose Hawkins, Leslie Flint seance
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