Mary Ann Ross Describes Feeling She Was Dreaming after Her Transition

A woman named Mary Ann Ross living in the life after this life described her feeling she was in a dream after her transition. She spoke in a Leslie Flint session January 20, 1969. A transcript of her speaking follows the audio controls below.

You can listen to the entire session with Mary Ann Ross in which she describes her home and the world she found herself in at this link: Mary Ann Ross

Transcript of Mary Ann Ross Speaking in a Leslie Flint Session

But it’s very odd. It was as if the whole room was full o’ light. And I could see all sorts o’ people around. There was my mother and my father and my brother, who’d died many years before. And Nellie.

She was a friend. One o’ ma few friends, that had died only a few weeks, they were all in the room and I thought I was having a dream, about my people. But it was Nellie, who came and she put her arms around me, and she kissed me on the face. And it was warm and real. And my mother came, she kissed me too. And they took my hands, and the next thing I know it was as if I was floating through the window, and then everything went black. I cannot remember a thing until I woke up. And I was in a bed in a very nice room, with rafters and beams and things, like an old house. But it was cozy and friendly and the sun, that I thought, was shining through the window.

And there was my mother, but she did not look the same as when I saw her in ma dream, as I thought. She looked young, as I’d seen her in the picture that used to hang in my bedroom, when she was married, many years before. And she’d got a white dress and she had a black bow ribbon in her hair, so like I’d seen her in early pictures, when I was very young. We used to have everything, collection of old photos, that mother’d keep in the tin. Yes, it was just as if I was seeing her as she was then.

She said to me that I was alright and that I’d nothing to worry about and I was not going back, and I thought this is just a dream. And then she said no, it’s not a dream, it’s real, you’re alive now, you’re not to worry about anything. And she said, soon, when you’re really recovered over this, she said, we’ll go out we’ll meet all sorts of people that you used to know when you were a wee bairn, you know, when you were young.

I could not quite see and understand, I could not realize at that stage that I was dead. It was like a beautiful dream.

Mary Ann Ross speaking in a Leslie Flint seance
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