Mary Ann Ross Describes Animals in the Next Life

A woman named MaryAnn Ross living in the life after this life described a pet dog who came to her, birds, and other animals. She spoke in a Leslie Flint session January 20, 1969. A transcript of her speaking follows the audio controls below.

You can listen to the entire session with Mary Ann Ross in which she describes her home and the world she found herself in at this link: Mary Ann Ross

Transcript of Mary Ann Ross Speaking in a Leslie Flint Session

Then there was a dog jumped on ma bed and this really gave me a fright, in a way. Not that I was afraid of dogs, I was fond of animals, but this was a dog that we’d had many years ago, that ma father adored and that was killed by a cart, many years ago, when I was, oh, in my twenties, I suppose. And this dog we called it Nipper. And do you know, to see Nipper jump on this bed startled me and I just couldn’t realize. My mother said, of course we’ve animals here too. Ah, I thought well this is, you know, I just couldn’t understand it, if they were dead. As my mother said, that there’d be animals too. And she said, oh that’s nothing. She said, out in the yard, she said, you’ll see a lot of other animals too.

I just couldn’t take to this at all, I couldn’t believe. You know, when you’ve been brought up as I was, to a religious way of life, you know, you didn’t automatically begin to think of animals being here.

. . .

Next thing I know was that I was walking down, what appeared to be, a lane, you know. It was beautiful, with trees either side and beautiful fields and I could see cattle. And there were all sorts of animals that I’d seen in picture books. And once years ago, my mother when she was well, many years before, and my father was alive, we’d gone to Edinburgh and I remember we went to a place where there were animals. And, it was very interesting to see all the different animals there. I just couldn’t understand, you know, there were beautiful creatures and they were wandering around and no one felt afraid, I didn’t feel afraid.

Ah, I don’t know and there were birds in the trees and they were whistling and singing and there was music. And I can only say it sounded like music to me, but there was no, nothing that I remembered in music. But I was very musical myself, though I never had any opportunity to study music, but I always liked music. And I could hear music and sounds, which were, oh it was a strange thing as if there were the sounds of nature. And there was also the animals and the birds and it was all so wonderful.

Mary Ann Ross speaking in a Leslie Flint seance
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