Self-Guided Afterlife Connections

Craig Hogan, president of AREI, has developed an online training program that enables anyone to connect with loved ones living on the next plane of life. It uses a form of self-relaxation to bring the experiencer into a state in which the connections may occur. It then teaches the experiencer how to allow free, open unfoldment so messages can come through from the loved one.

Approximately 86% of those who go through the stages in the training have afterlife connections. The method is named Self-Guided Afterlife Connections. It is available through any standard Web browser on the Internet and is free. The method has now been experienced by thousands of people. We continue to evaluate and refine it to help people learn how to make their own afterlife connections with loved ones.

You can read the report about the procedure and study, containing accounts of actual Self-Guided Afterlife Connections at this link: Read the study

To read additional accounts of Self-Guided Afterlife Connections, go to this link: Additional accounts of connections

To read accounts that resulted in validations, such as when the experiencer learned things he or she could not have known that were discovered to be true, go to this link: Validations

One Short Sample Account Written by an Experiencer

I went to the same garden (my own) and again found what I did not expect. My Uncle Jim (who died about the same time as my father) was sitting in the seat my brother Dick had been in. Bob was my favorite uncle when I grew up. He used to take me for rides in his truck when he was working. I have not thought of him for some time. He began talking to me about the farm where I grew up. We walked out from the farmhouse and he began sharing about how it was when he grew up there. I had not thought of that much; both he and my Dad spent their childhood there. I turned to look at the ridge where I used to walk and daydream. Immediately he took both of us to the ridge. He said it was one of his favorite places too. Then he talked about how they dug out the white chalk rock there to make my Grandma’s flower beds. It was a revelation to me: I had always loved the raised round flower beds in the front yard and I always loved the broken up place on the ridge but I had never put two and two together. Then Bob took me up high to look down on the farm. He asked me if I would like to take care of a farm for my remaining years. I said I was a bit old to do that. He waited for me to answer. I said ‘Sure’. It seemed and still seems a strange idea. We left it there, said goodbye and separated.

Not what I expected. Just a chatty visit with someone I had not seen for some time. I still don’t know what to think of his question. Different members of my family have been showing up. We were never an overtly affectionate bunch. All three sessions have seemed to convey a rather amused and affectionate attitude towards me. I have felt very much at home with them, always felt surprised at what transpires and left wondering at them in a good way.

The procedure is free on the Internet at this link: Self-Guided Afterlife Connections