Terry Smith Describes Meeting the Woman Assigned to Take Care of Him

A sailor named Terry Smith came through in a Leslie Flint session describing a woman who had been assigned to take care of him. Terry found himself first in the life after this life walking down an avenue. He came to a house and a woman greeted him. She told him she was expecting him, and she would be taking care of him. She explained that he drowned when his ship was sunk, along with a great number of other men.

Below is a recording of Terry Smith’s account of what happened when he met his caregiver. A transcript of his speaking follows the audio controls. Betty Greene, the woman who recorded Leslie Flint’s seances and interviewed the people in spirit who came through speaks during Terry Smith’s explanation.

Transcript of Terry Smith Speaking

[The woman doing the recording and interviewing the person in spirit is Betty Greene. She speaks in the dialogue. ]

Terry Smith:

But anyway, I just walked along and there were all these very pretty houses and it seemed as dead as a dodo. Not a sound, you know. Nothing. Then I come further along I saw a very sweet lady, a very pretty woman she was. I thought anyway. She couldn’t have looked more than about twenty-eight, thirty, standing at a little gate. It was the first house that I’d seen with a gate, by the way. All the others seemed to have no entrances, no gates, you just walked up the little path to the front door, sort of thing.

But this one had got, sort of, um, it was on the end of a, ooh, after I’d walked quite a while and there was this, sort of, fence round it and I thought, ‘well, it seems a bit odd’, you know, after all the other houses being free of fences and that.

Anyway, this little old lady, this little woman, you know, she was standing there – funny thing about her was she looked young and yet, I felt she was old. It sounds stupid I know, but there you are. But, um, she was leaning over this gate and as I came to her she sort of smiled, you know. I thought, ‘well, I don’t know’. She seemed to be only when I, I stopped and she said,“You looking for something, sonny?”

I thought, ‘blimey’. I said, “Yes. Well, sort of,” you know, “…I don’t know quite what’s happening or where I am.”

“Oh,” she says, “that’s all right sonny, I’ve been waiting for you. Come in.”

So I thought, ‘well, I’ve got nothing to lose,’ you know, so I thought, ‘I’ll go in. So at least it’s someone to talk to.’

And she took me into the front – well, I suppose you’d call it a parlor, you know. Nice little room it was, very nice, with chintzy curtains and chairs and it all looked very homely. And there was a cat sitting in one chair, a beautiful black cat, and, I don’t know, I thought, ‘well I don’t know – cats? Can’t be dead with cats.’

She says, “Come on sonny, sit down.” So I sat down in the other chair with no cat in it, you see. So she said, “Would you like a drink?”

I thought, “Well, this is something like,” you know. Would I like a drink? I thought she was going to offer me a cup of tea or something. So I said, “Yes, I would, if you…please,” you know.

So she said, “What would you like?”

So I thought, “Well, I must go cagey here, you know. I don’t want to look as if I drink”, you know. So I said, “Oh, I’d like a lemon please.”

She says, “Would you?” She says, “All right.”

So she goes out and comes back with a glass of lemon and I thought, “Well I don’t know”.

So she says, “You know, you’ve nothing to worry about sonny. I’ve been waiting for you.”

So I says, “Waiting for me?”

So she says, “Yes.”

So, I didn’t know what to say. I sort of sat there, and, uh, she says, “you know you’re dead?”

So I says, “What?”

So she says, “You’re dead.”

I says, “Come off it. I, um, I can’t be dead sitting in a room here, with a cat over there and drinking a glass of lemonade. And you’re solid and real enough. How can I be dead?” I said, “I admit it’s all a bit strange.” I says, “At first I thought I was, sort of, having a dream or something.

So she says, “Well, it’s no dream sonny,” she says. “You’re dead.”

So I says, “Well, if you say I’m dead, how did I get here?”

So she says, “Oh that’s all right,” she says. “I was thinking and praying for you, and I’ve been given charge of you.”

So I says, “What do you mean you’ve been given charge of me?”

So she says, “Well,” she says, “when your ship went down…”

And it suddenly came to me. When the ship went down. Last thing I remember, you know, was in the water holding on to a part of wood. I don’t know what part of the ship it was. Anyway, it was a part of wood I was clinging to, sort of thought it might hold me up, you know, but of course I realize it was hopeless now.

Anyway, she says, “You was drowned.”

So I says, “Oh.”

And she says, “There’s hundreds and hundreds of lads,” she says, “have come over.”

So I says, “Oh.”

So she says, “Yes and everyone of those lads has got someone, somewhere to look after them. Some have got their own people; relations or friends. Some have got other souls and I’m one [who’s] in charge of you.” She says, “You didn’t realize,” she says, “but you were directed. You thought you were walking on your own up the road.” she says. “But you wasn’t.” She says, “You were being helped by inspiration from a soul whose job it is to help people when they come over suddenly, like you did.”

So I says, “Oh yeah?” You know, sort of listening, like, not quite taking it all in, you know. So I says, “Well I don’t understand this at all.”

So she says, “Well don’t you worry,” she says. “You stay with me. I’ll look after you. I’ll be like your Mum.”

So I thought, “Well that’s something,” you know.

And, uh, then she started talking about my people, and it rather shook me, because she seemed to know all about my people, about my Mum and Dad and how they, sort of, separated and about my sister who was in in the WRENS [Women’s Royal Naval Service] you know, and all that.

And I thought, “Well, I don’t know, she seems to know everything about us.”

So I says, “Well are you in any way related to us?”

So she says, “Well, not really,” she says. “But, um, it was part of my job to know something about your people, being as how I’ve to look after you.”
And so I says, “Well, that’s funny,” I says. “Since you say I’ve only just come over, how do you know about my lot?” You know.

So she says, “Oh well, that’s not difficult. It’s only a matter of tuning in,” she says.

“Tuning in?” I says. “Sounds like the wireless.”

So she says, “Oh well we can.” she says. “If we have any special reason for wanting to know about a particular person or persons,” she says, “and it’s a special work that we have to do, and we’ve got some sort of connection there that’s necessary for us to know things, then we tune in.” She says, “a little later on,” she says, “not yet,” she says, “we’ll go to see your people.”

So I says, “Oh that’ll be nice.”

So she says, “Of course,” she says, “You know they won’t know you’re dead.”

I mean, they won’t know that, um, you’re there. They’ll know that you’re dead, but they won’t know that, um, you’re still alive, you know – that you can, sort of, watch them or go and see them, you know. You mustn’t be too upset if no one takes any notice of you.”

So I says, “Oh. Well,” I says, “I did have an Aunt who was a Spiritualist.”

So she says, “Well that’s good,” she says. “Perhaps we can get something through in that direction. You never know. We’ll have to try her.” She says, “Well, um, for the time being,” she says, “you must try and be content to be here.”
She says, “I’ve got a son on Earth,” she says, “and I’m hoping one day when he comes over here that we shall be together again. I expect we shall,” she says. “But, um, in the meantime,” she says, “I’m going to look upon you as if you’re my own son.”

And she says, “I’m going to do all I can for you and try and make you happy. And you’re not to worry and you’re not to, sort of, feel…you know, sort of alone or anything like that.” She says, “A little later on,” she says, “when you’ve rested,” she says, “…I think you should rest,” she says, “this has all been a bit of a shock for you…” she says, “I’ll take you out and you’ll be introduced to all sorts of interesting people in our community.”

So I says, “Oh yes, that’s very interesting.”

Terry Smith, Leslie Flint seance
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