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Dame Alice Ellen Terry

Dame Alice Ellen Terry Speaks about the Beauty of the Life After This Life

Dame Alice Ellen Terry was a well-known Shakespearean actress in the last decades of the nineteenth century and first decades of the twentieth century. In this Leslie Flint session, she speaks about the beauty of the world we all will enter after leaving the Earth. A transcript of her speaking follows the audio controls below.

Transcript of Ellen Terry Speaking

But I can say that which constitutes my life is full of beauty, full of color, full indeed of every aspect of loveliness that words could depict or experience could experience. There is so much. There are great buildings, beautiful to behold. There are great cities in which all can be found that is good for the life of the individual. There are great theaters, of course, in which great plays are performed. Great operas, even, are sung. Great musicians compose great works, so the great orchestras can play and many can be blessed by music and the color which suffuses the whole auditorium during its performance.

If only I could even just depict the colorings of this world, this place in which I find myself now, so far removed from your realization. Colors beyond description; ever changing in their subtlety and ever giving forth, as it were, a luminosity and a beauty so far removed from material ideas, that one cannot hope to recapture. Thinking, as one must, in comparison to the rainbow of the Earth, one can see here, as it were, the colorings of innumerable rainbows with innumerable colorings, far more vast and comprehensive in their spectrum.

There is a diffused subtlety of light at times. There is never darkness. There is a kind of, what you might call perhaps, a twilight, and yet this is something which in itself is so unlike yours. There is a time for quietude with us and rest and yet there is never any need for rest or sleep; but a peacefulness that comes upon us when we feel the need. And then our energies, which never seem to flag, are ever present, ever calling upon us to do more, to experience more, to endeavor more.

There is all the beauty and magnificence of the countryside and the colorings of nature, but even more glorified and beautified than anything you know. There are all the conditions that one would expect of your life, but much more rarefied and more beautiful, much more vast in its comprehension and its experience.

Dame Alice Ellen Terry speaking in a Leslie Flint seance
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