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Don Hoffman, A Universe of Consciousness The selection of experiences is determined by what cognitive psychologist Donald Hoffman Learn More

English-speaking teen spontaneously speaks Spanish Rueben Nsemoh, an English-speaking high school soccer player, suffered a head injury, and Learn More

Derek Amato, sudden musical genius Derek Amato was 40 years old when he hit his head hard after Learn More

Lachlan Connors, piano savant Without lessons, Lachlan Connors was spontaneously able to effortlessly play 13 instruments, including piano, Learn More

Leslie Lemke ~ Spontaneous musical savant Leslie Lemke was profoundly mentally disabled, and yet he spontaneously, without training, Learn More


List of savants The following are well-known people with savant syndrome, noted for their talent in their Learn More

Vibravision teaches people how to-avoid obstacles while-blindfolded Vibravision® trains people how to identify objects and navigate around obstacles Learn More

People Spontaneously Speak New Languages Speaking a language also results from access by the subconscious Awareness to a Learn More

Foreign Accent Syndrome The act of speaking a language comes from recalled experiences with the words, syntax, intonations, and Learn More

Children are taught to clairvoyantly "see" with blindfolds on A woman in the UK named Nicola Farmer has Learn More

Alice Green describes the thoughts of the authors as being accessible Leslie Flint was a direct voice medium Learn More

Craig Hogan's Remote Viewing Demonstration I have a native ability to do remote viewing. In 2005, a software Learn More

TAGGING SESSION by Glenn Wheaton by Dick Allgire From On Target: The Remove Viewing News, Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild, January-February, Learn More

Accounts of Repair & Reattachment Connections In Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy, a state-licensed psychotherapist helps a grieving Learn More

Joe McMoneagle - Archeological remote viewing For several decades at the end of the twentieth century, the CIA Learn More

Captain Robert Snow - Looking for Carroll Beckwith A police captain named Captain Robert Snow could accurately describe the Learn More

Steven Wiltshire's Life and Steven Draws the Landscape of London from Memory Steven Wiltshire, a British artistic savant, Learn More

Marilu Henner - Autobiographical Memory Another demonstration that all experiences are accessible is an ability called hyperthymesia. Some Learn More

Acquired Savant - Orlando Serrell Orlando was simply an ordinary boy until, at age 10, he was struck by a Learn More

Change blindness We focus on one small area each moment. This focus on one sight area results in Learn More

Mickey Explains that All Information Is Available Mickey was Leslie Flint's constant spirit companion for over 60 years Learn More

Ben Underwood - The Boy Who Sees with No Eyes Ben Underwood, who lost his sight to cancer Learn More

George Finn - Calendrical and Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory George Finn and his twin brother are calendrical savants. Learn More

Alonzo Clemons - Artistic Savant Alonzo Clemons is an animal sculptor and savant. He suffered a brain injury as Learn More

Rupert Sheldrake - Is Consciousness Fundamental Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, British biologist and researcher at Cambridge University, explains the phenomenon: Learn More

Madame Marie Curie   Marie Curie speaks about inspiration she received -- Leslie Flint seance Madame Learn More

Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 in B flat Learn More

How Does the Subconscious Influence Us? This video by Robert Lawrence Kuhn contains interviews with five leading experts Learn More

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